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Simply Shiatsu

The short version:

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese massage with its roots in Chinese medicine. It is preformed, with the client, on a futon fully clothed. It incorporates acupuncture points, gentle stretches, meridian palpation and massage techniques.   

The lengthier version:

Firstly to describe shiatsu's origins. It is a Japanese massage which is thousands of years old. It also has its roots in Chinese medicine. This does not mean I prescribe Chinese herbs, it means it informs my diagnosis of the clients needs.

Meridians :

I would not describe Shiatsu is as 'acupuncture without the needles' as I do not feel this captures its true essence. Yes, I use the same points as an acupuncturist may but there are also many other components to a shiatsu treatment. What I mean by this is energetically touch is a very significant factor that separates shiatsu from acupuncture.

Touch is a very important part of any massage and body therapy. And here the touch or intention is of paramount importance as the instinct and intuition of the practitioner comes into play.  

Instinct and intuition guides the flow and the areas addressed in the treatment. Shiatsu also uses stretches, meridian palpation(meridians are lines on the body which connect the acupuncture points, like join the dots) and massage techniques. I may also use Sotai to compliment a session.